The Village Mission Trust Inc. (Tonga) is under the trusteeship of Dr Glennis Mafi, Mr Manu Mafi and Mr David Halstead.


The Village Mission Trust is currently managed by Dr Glennis Mafi,

Medical Team

Specialist Physician Dr Taniela Palu provides services to Village Mission Clinic.

Nursing Team

Mrs Pele Tonga and Mrs Simaima Nikua provide nursing support.

Mrs Simaima Nikua (left) and Mrs Pelenaise Tonga (right)

Pharmacy Team

The Village Mission Pharmacy is lead by Ms Jasmin Dodge (Pharmacist) ably assisted by Ms Paea Teuteukihelotu and Ms Luseane Palaki.

Ms Jasmin Dodge
Ms Paea Teuteukihelotu (left) and Ms Luseane Palaki (right)