Key Dates in the History of Village Mission Trust

Manu and Glennis Mafi share with each other their vision for a Christian health ministry in Ha’ateiho, Manu’s village in central Tongatapu, TONGA.

Village Mission Trust incorporated in NZ.  Trustees: Manu Mafi, Dr Glennis Mafi, Dr Ken Blaikie, Mr Maru Check, Mr Ralph Wood.

July 1984
Clinic opens in two rooms in Village Mission house, Ha’ateiho.

Oct- Dec 1997
Major expansion and upgrade to present facilities –  funded mainly by Canada Fund and also Palmerston North (NZ) Rotary Club.  Included better dispensary facilities.

1984 – 2001
Medications received mainly from Medical Aid Abroad and some other donating agencies, including Compassion Intl. based in Washington State USA.  Increasingly Glennis has to buy medications to meet demand.  She tries to source cheaper medicines from N.Z. and Fiji and has to spend increasing time on this aspect of the work, for which she is wholly self taught.  Buys some over-the-counter items to subsidise the essential medicines.

1999, 2000
Glennis involved in consultation process of the Ministry of Health in Tonga to develop safe pharmacy and therapeutic drug laws. They have the vision of setting up a separate pharmacy to take the job off the clinic doctor and to subsidise the clinic.

June 2001
Manu and Glennis leave Tonga long-term but continue to manage the clinic from NZ.

June 2003
Manu, Glennis, David Halstead and Lorraine Balfour start work on setting up a pharmacist led pharmacy.

Aug 2003
Village Mission Trust incorporated in Tonga with trustees – Mr Manu Mafi, Dr Glennis Mafi, Dr Aivi Puloka, Mr David   Halstead, Mrs Peata Salt,  Miss Lynn Vander Woude.

Feb 2004
Village Mission Pharmacy opened in Nuku’alofa.

May 2010
Village Mission Cliinic moved from Ha’ateiho to Nuku’alofa to share the Village Mission Pharmacy premises at Kupu House.

Nov 2010
Village Mission Clinic and Pharmacy moved from Kupu House to new facilities at the Patco Building, Taufa’ahau Rd, Nuku’alofa.

Feb 2014
Village Mission Pharmacy celebrated their 10-year anniversary.