About Us

The Village Mission Clinic is a well-respected, general family medicine practice based in Nuku’alofa, Tonga started in 1984 by Mr Manu and Dr Glennis Mafi in Ha’ateiho.  The Village Mission Pharmacy is a community pharmacy which arose out of the work of the Village Mission Clinic, and was opened in February 2004 by the Minister of Health Honourable Viliami Tangi.  It is a pharmacy owned by the Village Mission Trust (Inc. in Tonga 2003).

Village Mission Trust


  1. To establish and maintain a Christian witness in Tonga through health ministries, and to make a significant contribution to the health and well-being of the community.
  2. Whenever possible to demonstrate through these health services that the Christian faith integrates with daily life and experience and can make a difference, especially to those suffering physically, mentally and spiritually and to those who support and surround them.
  3. To establish or assist with the establishment of medical facilities, whether primary medical care clinics, pharmacies, community clinics or hospitals or any other related health service in Tonga, and to establish these on a foundation of Christian principles.
  4. To work cooperatively with other health services and professionals in Tonga.
    To encourage and be active in research in health related areas.
  5. To be involved in on-going education of health professionals in Tonga whether local people or visiting health professionals and students.

Village Mission Clinic

“to provide high quality primary health care for the people of Tonga at as a low a cost as possible, and in a Christian setting i.e. to be aware of spiritual needs; to treat the whole person; and to do that from a Christian point of view where appropriate, though always respecting the person’s own philosophy of life.”

Village Mission Pharmacy

Village Mission Pharmacy aims to provide easy access to affordable and appropriate medicines and health advice for people in Tonga and in keeping with the law in Tonga, in order to improve the health and well-being of the community.